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Recycled Trophies For 501c3 Non-Profits
Recycled Trophies For 501c3 Non-Profits
Recycled Trophies For 501c3 Non-Profits
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Online Price:
Total Awards & Promotions offers free recycled trophies to 501c3 non-profit organizations. Groups are selected by filling out this form a minimum of 3 weeks before their event and no more than 3 months in advance and will be notified prior to their event if our committee has approved your request.

Requests are limited to one order of trophies per group/association/organization per year.  Limited quantities for each event. Additional trophies can be purchased at a discounted rate, please contact us for details. A variety of colors and figures are available and will be discussed with you after your application is approved. If you have received or purchased trophies in the past, please indicate below what style/size/color/figure style you have received previously.

Engraving and imprinted logos are included.  You will need to pay for shipping. There is NO charge for the trophies themselves.

Save on shipping charges by picking up your trophies at our showroom in Madison, Wisconsin. Organizations that can't pick up their trophies must pay for shipping and handling before they are shipped.  You will be notified of applicable shipping charges once your application has been approved. 

PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE A SHIPPING METHOD UNTIL YOUR ORDER IS APPROVED.  We will notify you once your application has been approved and discuss shipping charges at that time.  Please choose PICK UP AT STORE AS A SHIP METHOD EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT IN OUR MADISON, WI AREA.  Thank you.

Please describe your group, type of event, number of trophies, and event date, to qualify for free trophies. Please allow 3 weeks (minimum) production of donated trophies.

We also encourage you to send us pictures/videos of your awards ceremony to be featured on our website, blogs and news stories.  Please email them to: [email protected].  
The Nationwide Trophy Recycling Program will clean, sanitize, rebuild, and repair trophies for the non-profit groups at no-cost to you.  Thank you!
Choose Options
Describe Your Group Please describe your organization/group including what you'd like the trophies to be used for:

Your 501c3 Cetificate Scan and upload or email:

Event Date When is your event?:

Number of Trophies Requesting
Style/Color/Theme If you have received trophies in the past - please tell us a bit more about what type/style/color/size/figure style you have received to help us narrow down styles:

Engraving - Please choose one If you'd like Engraving added to your Trophies Please Check the side box. We will contact you once your request has been approved).
No Engraving - Please leave trophies blank
Add to Wish List
No shipping costs are associated with this application. Please choose the option "Pick up at store" at check-out. You will be notified of applicable shipping charges once your application has been approved.