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Trophy Recycling Services

Total Awards & Promotions, in Madison, Wisconsin has been the only business to consistently operate a trophy recycling program in the United States. What makes it different than just recycling the content, is we help you pay it forward by rebuilding new trophies (out of your recycled parts) and donating them to 501c3 non-profits nationwide. 


Instead of throwing away your trophies in the landfill, we will recycle your trophies and donate rebuilt trophies to non-profits. 

Fees for recycling are $1 per trophy with a minimum of $10 for the service.
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Trophy Recycling Services
Trophy Recycling Services
Online Price: $1.00
Select the number of trophies you need to recycle, after you purchase recycling, you will get a sales order number, place that number on the outside of your boxes before sending. Boxes without the code may be returned.

You then must pay to ship your trophies to us or drop them off at our location. Free shipping is noted so the shopping cart does not add shipping costs to your recycling

1. Read what we accept and what we won't take (below)
2. Count the trophies you need recycled.
3. Click on the link below to purchase recycling.
4. After you pay, you'll get an invoice number. Put that invoice # on your boxes.
5. The invoice will say "free shipping" so our shopping cart software doesn't 
    charge you shipping. If you choose to ship the trophies to us, it's at your own expense.
6. Wrap your trophies in bubble wrap or paper and ship to us or drop off, in your boxes.


~Do you know of a recycling program in our area? 
No. We are the only ongoing recycling program that "pays it forward" in the US. There are other stores that will take your trophies, but we don't know about a program like ours in your area.

~Do you pay for shipping?
No, we don't pay for shipping, but you can drop off for FREE Monday through Friday.

~Do we have to pay to recycle Medals, Plaques or Awards other than Trophies? 
No, you don't have to pay, we recycle those for FREE, as they don't have to be broken down.

~Where do I find the # to put on our boxes?
It's the invoice number you get after paying for recycling, that you put on all your boxes. If that number is not on the box, it might be returned.

~Why do we pay for recycling?
It takes labor to take apart and recycle the trophies. We then use those parts to remake new trophies for 501c3 non-profits across the country. If you don't care if the trophies are reused and given to charities, you can donate your trophies to Good Will or St. Vincent DePaul. They will sell your trophies.


What: Donate your GENTLY used Trophies, Awards, and Medals to be Recycled, Reused and Re-gifted to non-profits nationwide.  For items that are not reusable, we will recycle the parts the best we can.  

If your trophies are in bad shape, please do not send them to us, this includes broken or damaged figures or pieces, discolored bases, rusted parts or if they have rain damage.  


~Glass or acrylic awards (we cannot take the engraving or etching off).
~Fake wood plaques (check behind the plaque for keyhole hanger to see if it is a veneer).
~Trophies with yellowed plastic bases, moldy, or water damaged.
~Medals that are engraved on back.
~Frames, pictures, keepsakes, or lapel pins.
~Sculptures or works of art.
~Broken trophy parts.

If you would like to keep the engraved plates, remove them before dropping off or shipping your trophies.  

If you are shipping your trophies please be sure to pack them with care (bubble wrap or paper) to ensure the the trophies can be reused. 

If you'd like to drop off your trophies at our store, they MUST be packed in boxes/bags/containers that you do not want returned, we have limited boxes, space, so please plan ahead.  

If you will be dropping off a large quantity of trophies, please call ahead so that we can prepare space for your delivery 608-833-1716.
Where: Nationwide Trophy Recycling Program
C/O Total Awards & Promotions, Inc.
6686 Odana Rd. Madison, WI 53719.
When: Drop off for FREE anytime between Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. We recommend you call ahead during holiday times for store hours. Fees for recycling apply to drops offs as well.

Drop off your trophies for FREE or ship them to the address above, at your expense.

If you don't want to pay to recycle, we suggest that you contact your local recycling facility to see what can be recycled in your area, or donate to Good Will or St. Vincent DePaul.